The people of Northern Virginia need for our next representative to be more than a reliable Democratic vote; we need an advocate, someone who can work within the rules when they benefit everyone and will bring the community together to change them when they don’t.
— Hassan Ahmad

Hassan Ahmad is a progressive Democrat running for the Virginia House of Delegates because he believes that together we can lead our region and our Commonwealth with our shared values.

As our next representative in the House of Delegates, Hassan will advocate for our values in Richmond:

  • A common belief in our shared destiny: we will rise or fall together, as Virginians

  • A fundamental belief in our shared dignity: the dignity not to be burdened by discrimination, or a system rigged against any of us

  • A belief in unity through diversity: when we come together as a community to engage in a common task, nothing can defeat us

  • A belief that servant leadership, not politics-as-usual, is the path forward: it’s imperative that we break past the status quo and create a system of honesty and accountability