Hala Ayala
I’ve been an advocate all of my life. From women’s rights and the Equal Rights Amendment, to cyber security and healthcare, I have been fighting for all Virginians to have the opportunity to succeed. We need more advocates in Richmond who care about their communities, and have deep ties to the district they seek to represent. Hassan, and his wife and three children have lived in Sterling for over a decade. He was a steadfast ally during our push for the ERA this legislative session and has been a tireless advocate for those who have been left on the margins. This is why I am proud to endorse Hassan Ahmad in his bid for the Democratic nomination for the Virginia House of Delegates in District 87.
— Delegate Hala Ayala
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When I was a newly elected House of Delegates member in 2013, one of my first priorities was ensuring that our most vulnerable communities could thrive in the Commonwealth. In my advocacy at the state legislature, Hassan Ahmad helped me to lift up and share the experiences of Virginia residents affected by policies like the Virginia DREAM Act and driver’s licenses for the undocumented community. He cares deeply about those who have historically not had a voice in the state legislature and fights for their right to tell their story. We need Hassan in the House of Delegates.
— State Senator Jennifer Boysko
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As a former State Department Official, I have seen firsthand the difference that courageous leaders can make when they stand up to abuses of power. I know the value and, recently, the vulnerability of our democracy. I am supporting Hassan Ahmad because he is the type of principled and progressive leader we need in Richmond. Hassan’s record speaks for itself. Where injustice occurs, he shows up, fights the good fight, and makes the passionate and pragmatic arguments in service of America’s promise. I trust him to stand up for the ERA, our healthcare, the day to day challenges—and genius—of Northern Virginians. But more than that, I trust Hassan to make the right decisions, even when they’re hard and against his self-interest. Hassan is the type of leader who will always put his constituents and our constitution first, and it’s my honor to endorse him.
— Alison Friedman, Former State Department Senior Official and Congressional Candidate
Hassan was a teacher early in his career, and knows how important and challenging the job of an educator can be,” said Qarni. “He is also the father of school-aged children and understands the great benefits of teacher retention, increased pay, and investments in support staff. Virginia is in need of someone who can grasp the issues and address the urgency of adapting to the rapidly diversifying environment that we are facing in our schools. In the years I have known him, he has demonstrated the commitment to ensuring we provide Virginia residents a world class education system. The Commonwealth would benefit greatly from his experience and I am proud to endorse Hassan in his race.
— Hon. Atif Qarni
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Running for office was never in my life plan; I always wanted to be a physician and had achieved that dream. But I felt the call to public service when I saw in Prince William County that our communities were being left behind. As the School Board Chairman for Prince William County, I know the difficult challenges we face within our education system. We need a partner in the General Assembly who is willing and able to advocate for our kids, to ensure we have the resources to adequately address the needs of our vibrant community. I believe Hassan is the candidate best suited for that task and I am proud to support him.
— Prince William County School Board Chairman Dr. Babur Lateef
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